Wayra presents its new positioning and brand identity

'Wayra' was born over 15 years ago as a whirlwind of change, where the ancestral wind of the Andes, represented by its Quechua name, intertwines with innovation. Wayra embodies the essence of the wind: the dynamic force propelling constant movement, carrying with it Telefónica's centuries-old experience and the freshness of the new.

Since its inception, Wayra has supported the Telefónica Group in seeking innovative startup solutions to address significant challenges as a company, industry, and key player in social progress. During this time, Wayra has invested in more than 1,100 startups, of which 530 are active in its portfolio and 190 are working with the company. This experience and these figures have consolidated Wayra as a benchmark in the sector.

Following the repositioning driven in 2018, Wayra transforms its initial startup accelerator proposition into a much broader project: the Corporate Venture Capital fund, with a unique venture-client formula helping startups scale globally by providing access to Telefónica's network of 380 million customers.

Wayra's story is one of evolution and maturity, allowing it to become an autonomous and pioneering company today, consolidating all Telefónica Group startup investment initiatives under one brand and strategy, recognized as a leader in Corporate Venture Capital in the entrepreneurial ecosystems it operates in. We have two major value creation initiatives:  

- Wayra Ventures, which brings together all investment activity.

- Wayra Innovation Services, which brings together open innovation activities for Telefónica, the delivery of innovation services to other corporations and agents, as well as our innovation platforms.

This new positioning is accompanied by a new, more agile and flexible brand image, capable of adapting to changes and taking on new challenges. A new identity that defines Wayra as a company and as a team. Like the wind, Wayra carries with it the promise of a future where every idea has the power to change the world.