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Corporate Venture Vehicle for strategic investments. We aim to address the big challenges facing Telco industry and create new businesses and verticals aligned with the Core strategy from Telefónica.
We share our wealth of expertise, to create tailor made programs and find the brightest startups for your company’s needs
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Innovation drives business. But we know that making a concrete impact is not an easy task. Often the promises of innovation are diluted and companies don’t get the results they are looking for.
But this is where we come in!
We have done it ourselves for Telefónica and will help you to do it in your company in record time!

Focus on execution

Our three fundamental pillars to create a profound cross-impact within organizations:


We have +10 years experience creating synergies


We help you to boost your Open Innovation and Venture Capital unit


There are lots of corporate barriers, processes and systems to change, and we know how to do it

Focus on execution

Unlock corporate innovation potential

Inspired by our powerful knowledge around the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we have built a wide range of innovation services to drive change and digitalization together with corporations that do not want to be left behind.


We will leverage our scouting tools and partners, and our scouting teams based in different regions, to identify and give you access to top startups arund the globe

Identify disruptive
Innovation Hubs and
VC programs

We help you to design, build and execute your Open Innovation strategy. Open calls, acceleration programmes, intrapreneurship programmes, VC strategy…

Tech Labs and
product piloting

We had to hack the system to do it ourselves in Telefonica. We will show you how to change, adapt and upgrade your corporate culture, your processes and your platforms so you can do it yourself, too!

Position your brand
in the ecosystem

Fast track to the innovation ecosystem with marketing and comms initiatives. Brand creation, social media management and presence in international innovation events

Transform your business

Success Cases

Awesome Lab 2.0

Wayra and Desigual have jointly launched ‘Awesome Lab’, Desigual’s Open Innovation hub that promotes startups with technological solutions for the retail and fashion world.

Techs: AI, IoT, BigData

Innovation Hub

In 2022, AstraZeneca chose us as a strategic partner for the launch of its verticalized open innovation program around e-Health solutions applied to the areas of biomarkers, early prescription and patient accompaniment.

Techs: IoT, AI

Wayra and Fundación Valenciaport – The Innovation arm of Puerto de Valencia – Have jointly launched Opentop, the Open Innovation initiative of Puerto de Valencia. The program aims to identify the most disruptive solutions for the port, maritime and logistic sectors at national and international level, and offers a laboratory of ideas and workspace for the startups to test and scale innovative solutions with business impact.

Techs: IoT, AI, Big Data, Edge computing, Blockchain & 5G

Ophthalmology Accelerator

In 2021 we were awarded the service of creating a startup accelerator in the ophthalmology area of Roche.We conducted the scouting of potential startups, nationally and internationally, assessing the scalability of solutions, eliminating barriers and prioritizing agility and implementation. Thus, we accompany Roche in the advisory and consulting services of the finalist startups and execution of pilots in real environments with clinics and hospitals.In this way, from Telefónica, we support in the search for investment, financial and organizational advice, market access and resources; among others.

Techs: VR, AI and ML

Edison Accelerator

In 2021 GE Healthcare UK chose us as a strategic partner for the launch of a verticalized open innovation program around AI and Healthcare solutions. We designed and executed a program for startups around AI solutions. We drove the use of GE Healthcare's own technologies (GE Edison Platform) among startups and supported joint business development between startups and healthcare solution providers through GE Healthcare's Edison Platform.

Tech: AI

Corporate Impact Venture

In 2022, we created the first collaborative Corporate Impact Venture program promoted by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Wayra Hispam, the open innovation area of Telefónica Group. CIVLAC promotes the linkage between large companies that seek to contribute solutions to social problems or challenges of high urgency, such as: environment, overcoming poverty, health, education, among others. This program has the essential support of impact startups that can solve the challenges thanks to their innovative technology.

Tech: Health, Education, Environment.

BNDES Garagem

BNDES Garagem Program has the mission of supporting the creation and acceleration of social and environmental impact solutions, stimulating the entrepreneurship sector and developing companies that seek to achieve positive results in financial and socio-environmental impact. The Program has been running for 2 cycles (2021 and 2022) with over 100 startups participating, more than 2 million in revenue and 130 employees hired, +130 hours of mentoring, masterclasses and workshops, aiming to teach and grow each startup in its segment.

Techs: Health, Sustainability, Circular economy, Security, Fintech, Edtech, IoT and Blockchain.

Telco's Alliance

Eight major telecommunications multinationals have joined together in a unique alliance with the mission to reinvent the sector by discovering the most disruptive startups with the potential to provide access to a network of 700 million customers. With a presence in more than 50 markets and access to a global technology, infrastructure and investment ecosystem. A unique ecosystem to drive projects that develop the technologies of tomorrow to create a better world than we ever imagined.

Why Wayra?

After +10 years of experience, we have collaborated with institutions and corporates, accompanying them and developing innovation-oriented solutions that are beneficial to the business.

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