We are a unique and effective interface between entrepreneurs  and our network of corporates, institutions and other partners.
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We connect Telefónica and technological disruptors around the world


We are

We believe that large companies can reinvent themselves by working hand in hand with entrepreneurs around the world, open to the outside world, to define the technology of the future.

Over the last 8 years, our commitment to open innovation has never wavered, and that will not change. As a pioneer in corporate innovation, we understand that all companies face two choices: disrupt or be disrupted. We believe that corporates can reinvent themselves by standing shoulder to shoulder with entrepreneurs worldwide and scale them to fulfill their digital transformation by scouting, doing business and networking. We are leaders in bringing corporations and startups together to generate joint business opportunities.

We connect Telefónica with disruptors

We are Global

Wayra is present in 7 hubs with activity in 10 countries in Europe and Latin America, with a clear objective: help startups to scale.

We have a portfolio of over 400 startups. The very best of them will have unparalleled access to our global network of 350 million customers and clients in 24 countries. Wayra offers a unique and smooth interface between entrepreneurs and our network of corporates, governments and other partners, adding value to the ecosystems where we are present.

Innovation drives business

An awesome
business partner

Wayra connects Telefónica and technological disruptors around the world. As their preferred strategic partner, we scale them up to accelerate their business and ours. Over 80 startups from Wayra are already working with us  to provide disruptive solutions to Telefónica and its customers.

We look for technologies that can complement Telefónica’s offer or help the group be more efficient, such as IoT, Video, Big Data, AI, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Blockchain, Edge...

Through our network of hubs, we offer startups preferred access to our platforms, our technologies and our experts, so that, together, we can test new products and services and offer them to our more than 350 million customers.

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Collaboration is
everything to us

In an Open Innovation ecosystem it is fundamental to build strong collaborative bonds with third parties that also believe in innovation and digital transformation. This way we maximize our joint efforts in scaling startups.

We have vast experience in playing the corporate-startup collaboration game. We succeeded, failed, learned and stood up again. Gain your competitive advantage through our learnings.

We are partners with over 100 companies and institutions to improve Open Innovation practices and develop verticalized programs.

Together, we will define the world of tomorrow

We are Open Innovation

Wayra is part of Telefónica’s  Open Innovation family, alongside:

- Open Future: Strategic alliances with public and private partners to support local ecosystems by accelerating seed startups with over 40 hubs around the world.

- Telefónica Innovation Ventures: Network of funds and our corporate venture capital vehicle for investing in startups. We finance and fuel technological companies in key markets and create strategic partnerships aligned with Telefónica's global strategy.

Wayra supports
female entrepreneurs

At Telefónica, we are no strangers to the lack of diversity in the tech sector, although, as we have witnessed in our day-to-day business, diverse companies are more successful. Therefore, we are committed to women’s entrepreneurship as a transforming tool that enables us to create a fairer, more equal society.

20% of our portfolio has women in senior management positions (70% CEOs or founders). Diverse startups are 50% less likely to fail.