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The Team

We are a global team of tech lovers

5G. La nueva generación de las telecomunicaciones

En un momento de hiperconectividad, la tecnología de las telecomunicaciones da un paso más y, gracias al 5G, asistimos al nacimiento de las ciudades inteligentes y de un sinfín de aplicaciones relacionadas con el IoT, la realidad aumentada, el VR.... donde las startups tienen mucho que decir.

Meet the Global Team

This is us

For the last eight years the Open Innovation area has invested more than 160M€ in startups around the world.

More than 500 startups who participated in the Open Innovation program are still active and more than 100 are already working together with the Company.

Miguel Arias

Global Entrepreneurship Director

Blanca Drake

Global Head of Operations & Marketing

Agustín Moro

Global Head Strategic Partnerships

María José Ginel

Global Head Business Development & Scouting

Patricia Álvarez

Executive Assistant

Santiago García

Global Portfolio Manager

Jorge García

Global Portfolio

Elsa Aliaga

Finance Controller

Jose María Lucas

Finance Controller

Raquel González

Global Procurement & Processes

Felipe Perry

Operations & Strategy

Yolanda Benedito

Brand, Events & UX

Antonio Peralta

Operations & Strategy

Marcia Maciel

Strategic Partnerships

Pablo Ramos

Strategic Partnerships

Paula Díez

Open APIs Program Manager

Ana María Paniagua

Public Partnerships - Open Future

Patricia López-Fuchet

Public Partnerships - Open Future

María Ángeles Barba

Global Business Development Manager

Enrique Dupuy De Lome

Global Head of Scouting

Rafael Amoros

Global Business Development Manager

Juan Rubio

Global Scouter

Gonzalo Pérez Rodríguez

Global Business Development Manager

David Rodríguez

Internal Communications

María Crespo

External Comms

Jose Luis Amat

Legal Counsel

Claudia Fidalgo

Legal Counsel Manager

We love generating opportunities for those
who want to scale

We work together

We are a family of tech lovers based in Distrito Telefónica. Our aim is to transmit our passion for tech and continuous innovation via the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Our team is made up of experts from all areas and backgrounds who strive to achieve the best results. This is how we build an environment which matches the era we live in.

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