The navigation menu will be fixed on top of every page on our website so it will always be visible. It will provide access to every  important content page from the site.

There are two main blocks on the menu: the Wayra logo and the navigation items.

Top page module

There are two versions of this module. It can be formed by a head text and a subhead or only a head text.

We can see them in the following examples:

Two-column layout (1/2 + 1/2)

These modules can be composed with one image on one side and a text block on the opposite side.

The image can be either half of the screen or the module background as long as the side text takes the other 50% (including its padding).

The block which contains the text can have a background color from the grayscale or #2B2D30. In case the background is too dark, the font color will be adapted as requested on the chapter Typography > Color usage.  

Layout examples:

When we want to use several of these modules stacked, we must trade the side of the placement of the image and the text.

One column layout

These modules  are used when we want to provide with some information in a one paragraph block.

It can be placed with a background image or plain color, but the most frequent background will be white. The font color will usually be the Wayra black (#2B2D30).

It can be used when we want to add some air and white space to the composition, as most of the modules we described are full width blocks and can cause an overwhelming impression.

This will be the most common apparience: