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A worldwide search for disruptive metaverse technologies to create strong partnerships for the future.
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Calling all startups with a metaverse use case

Open2Metaverse is Wayra’s worldwide search for disruptive technologies with applications in the metaverse. Our goal is to accelerate innovation in the space by fast-tracking the growth of the best startups and building a worldwide metaverse ecosystem of leading corporates, companies, investors & experts

Why did we launch Open2Metaverse?

Metaverse is set to be the next big tech phenomenon, and as one of the first and largest open innovation hubs - we want to play. The project ties into Telefónica Open Innovation’s (TOI) core mission of delivering impactful innovation by finding the best startups and supporting them in developing joint business opportunities.It is also driven by Telefónica’s strategic role as a telco in providing the necessary infrastructure (e.g communication and computing capabilities within networks) that enable the use and deployment of metaverse applications. With Wayra’s role in innovation and Telefónica’s role as a telco – we want to leverage our experience, network and resources to drive growth and development in the metaverse space.

What is Open2Metaverse?

Over the next two months, we will search across the globe for the most disruptive startups with metaverse solutions. Our goal is to support the successful companies reach a global scale & connect them with Telefónica to generate joint business opportunities.

To do this, we are leveraging our global presence, resources & decade of experience to drive innovation in this booming space. This sprint is the first of its scale, with all of our local hubs across 7 countries and Telefónica Ventures taking part. Successful companies will be integrated into TOI’s ecosystem which includes access to potential investment, Telefónica’s global client base of more than 350M connections, business development opportunities, key infrastructure (5G connectivity, edge computing resources), as well as a customer base to to test and improve their products. If you are a company, VC, or anyone else in the space that have what we’re looking for – keep reading.

How can we support you?

Successful companies will get access to:

  • Infrastructure: use of our 5G connectivity & edge computing resources like our 5G & edge computing labs to integrate into your solutions test and improve your products.
  • Technical & commercial support: tap into the technical, commercial & product support from our network of experts, mentors and coaches.
  • Customer network: feature in showrooms at Telefónica's headquarters, flagships, demo centres, labs & Wayra Hubs to showcase your product to our network of customers (Telefónica has a customer base of +350M clients worldwide).  
  • Business development opportunities: access to Telefónica's B2B base of customers and network of partners with the potential to run pilots, build use cases & deploy solutions. There is also the potential to become one of our business partners.
  • Investment: Potential investment ranging from €100k to €5m from any of Telefónica’s investment vehicles as well as exposure to our global network of VCs.
  • Open innovation & metaverse ecosystem: By joining our expansive ecosystem, members benefit from the use of our office space in any of our hubs across the globe, access to our network of companies, VCs, experts & corporates, as well as our pool of exclusive perks (see the full list here). You will also get access to our network of key players in the metaverse space, a community that we are looking to grow throughout this project.

Who we are looking for?

All startups with a metaverse use case including virtual reality, augmented reality, gaming, digital social experiences, connectivity, networks, devices, virtual platforms, identity tools, NFts, marketplaces, as well as any other applications or services.

Our commitment

Global scale: This sprint is a global initiative, leveraging our entire network. Each of our hubs across 7+ countries are taking part, as well as Telefónica Ventures, Wayra X and our global network of corporate partners & VCs.

10+ years in open innovation: Wayra is one of the first and largest open innovation hubs, we know a thing or two about accelerating the development of innovative solutions. This project is backed by our decade of experience and network.

Real commitment: We have 20+ people across the globe committed to ensuring this project is a success with impactful results.

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Timeline of the sprint
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